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Tanzanian singer and Konde Music Worldwide President Harmonize has announced that plans are underway for him to launch of own cigarette brand dubbed Tembo.⁣

An update from the Dunia hit-maker details that he is the process of sourcing for business partners (Investors) before he officially introduces his Tobacco products on the market.⁣

“I need someone to put some serious investment let’s do this together there is no way of doing this alone I need big partnership kila mtu anajua kiasi gani mtaaa unasubiri hii kitu kwa hamu 🗣🗣🗣🗣 #tembo #tembosigaret.⁣

“Pure tobako linalo limwa hapa hapa Tanzania…!!!! haya sasa matajiri changamkieni hiii sio mpaka waingie wachina sisi wenyewe tunaweza 💪🏼 bei mtajipangia wenyewe wanangu,” reads announcement from Harmonize.⁣

On August 10, 2020, Konde Boy was announced as the brand ambassador of Mastermind Tobacco Limited in Tanzania under their Yes Cigarette, but the star is now in the process of creating his own brand.⁣



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