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Ivorian singer and model Eudoxia Yao is back together with the popular Guinean singer, actor and social media personality Grand P.

This was weeks after the two parted ways. The singer did not give further details about her relationship status but said she would be focusing on her music carrier.

“My babies, I am officially single, and I am going to focus on my music. Have a nice weekend,” she said. 

Netizens trolled them due to their differences in size and height and being together for commercial purposes.

Despite the approval the couple made to the public that they were happy together and insisted that size do not matter in relationships.

“We are happy together, and this is the most important thing. Thanks to everyone for the support. The physical does not count in a relationship,” said Yao on her instagram page.

Grand P lives life to the fullest, even though he was born with progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder that has affected his physical stature. The singer and actor surprised many after entering into a relationship with Eudoxia.

The duo got engaged in August 2020 and planned to marry in early 2021.

Thise were the last words of Yao before the to broke up.

“My fiancé Grand P, you claim you want me as your wife, but it is always you who kisses your fans on the mouth. At this rate, my parents may refuse the marriage. Pull yourself together because I know you love me.”



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