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The governor announces to his followers that he will be hosting a birthday party with the singer at Nairobi hotel.

Alfred Mutua announces the event few weeks after he travelled to Tanzania where he met with the bongo star at his studios Next Level.

The event will be free according to the governor and the attendees would be entertained freely by the Tanzanian singer.

Anyone who celebrates their birthday during that day 22 of August will also join the party together with the governor.

The party will be held at Emara Hotel, Ole Sereni according to the governor’s post on his Facebook


Mutua confirmed to his followers that no one will be charged at the door as it is exclusive but free to enter the event.

“Sunday, August 22nd, is my birthday and also the birthday of Rayvanny. We have decided to hold a special double birthday party for a few people on Sunday afternoon. Please get your free ticket and join us for food and music. See poster below.” Mutua wrote.



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