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Konde Music World Wide boss Harmonize is set to unveils his own Tv and Radio Station.

“Konde Gang FM and KondeGang TV…100% tonight God is good” shared Harmonize.

Harmonize will be joining his former Wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz and his current manager Jembe ni Jembe on the list of media owners in Tanzania.

During his days at Wasafi, it was rumored that the studio equipment being used at Wasafi fm belonged to him.

In February 2018, Dangote was given broadcasting license for Wasafi Fm and Wasafi Tv by the ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports in Zanzibar.

“Today we were officially handed broadcasting license for and by the Minister of Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports Zanzibar, Hon. Rashid Ali Juma. Many thanks to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the entire government of United Republic of Tanzania as a whole,” said Diamond.

Platnumz opted to start his own media house after top media house in Tanzania gave him a blackout and stopped playing music from all artists that were signed under the WCB record label.



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