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Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala has penned down an appreciation message to her boyfriend Harmonize after spoiling her with expensive gifts days after rekindling their lost love.⁣

Kajala used her Insta-stories to show off the gifts she received from Konde Boy with a thankful heart.⁣

“Thank you baby,” Kajala wrote before sharing a short video of Harmonize on her insta-stories.⁣

At the same time, the Never Give Up hit-maker has hinted on proposing to Kajala after buying her an expensive Diamond ring during his recent tour in Turkey.⁣

The singer shared videos while in a jewelry shop, stating the he wants to make his woman happy with every opportunity he gets and will not be afraid to spoil her.⁣

“Yo! Its my first big day ever, I will make it biggest Inshallah, having her in my life is something word can’t explain,” Harmonize captioned photos the Diamond ring.⁣

He also reacted to a video of Kajala jamming to his new release Deka; “Finally, my sound can make my best friend happy again. OMG. God you are so powerful, thanks to everyone who prayed for me.⁣

“Trust me this song has changed my life, I am happy boy now even for this video I love you, I respect you my woman and manager,”.⁣

This comes days after Konde Boy made Kajala one of his managers. The announcement was made by the singer’s first manager Choppa, who mentioned that Harmonize now has a total of four managers. The four are Mjerumani, Jembe Ni Jembe, Choppa and Kajala.⁣

“Allow me to welcome in management team new CEO and manager Kajala I’m excited to work with you shem,” Choppa wrote while welcoming Kajala to Konde Gang.⁣

Just the other day, Harmonize got Kajala and her daughter’s face tattooed on his leg with the words ‘I’m sorry’.⁣

In July 2021, Kajala opted to covered up the tattoo she got while in a relationship with Harmonize with a red-rose.⁣

Konde Boy and Kajala got matching tattoos of their name initials; ‘K’ for Harmonize and ‘H’ for Kajala at a time they were in love but later covered them when they broke up.⁣

Harmonize also bought Kajala two Range Rovers as a way of saying sorry.⁣



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