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After doing a remake of her mother’s song, the late Angela Chibalonza’s daughter has sparked incessant praises on social media.

Beautiful Wonder Chibalonza, on April 26, premiered a video on YouTube singing an extraordinary rendition of the song Uliniumba Nikuabudu (You created me to worship you) originally sung by her late mother some 15 years ago.

With an exemplary demeanor, she carefully chanted the melodious tunes, so articulate, one would mistake her for her mother Angela if they don’t come across the performance video.

Wonder Chibalonza precisely mirrored the moves her mother would play, a three-member back-up team accompanied by her father Bishop Elisha Musili would echo her words after each stanza. A choreograph seamlessly knitting into the old Angela Chibalonza times.

Fans could not impede their comments, most of them hailing her for keeping the flame burning in sustaining her mother’s prominence and presence in the music industry, which uplifted their hearts.

They commented;

“This baby is all grown! Wonder Chibalonza. We loved your mom so much. She’d be so proud to see who you are becoming. Great job! And a good reminder that we were created to worship God,” said artist Kambua.

“Angela Chibalonza is back through her daughter.. You have touched my heart wonder.. Bringing back memories of the Angela Chibalonza who inspired our lives so much,” wrote another.

“Tears just rolled Down… She’s Her mum’s Replica.. and the Ministry will go on . Lots of Hugs and Blessings,” said another.

“I’m literally in tears…Watching you take your Mama’s footsteps is a blessing.”

The late Angela Chibalonza passed away, at the peak of her career, in a road accident together with her driver Kennedy Aluoch and vocalist Nimrod Makori on September 22, 2007.

The tragic accident that stole the precious lives of the three happened at Kinale on the Naivasha-Nairobi highway on their way to Nairobi after a concert at Egerton University in Njoro.



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