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WCB Wasafi President Diamond Platnumz has disclosed that plans are underway to acquire his own private jet.⁣

Platnumz made the revelation at a time he was wishing his manager Sallam SK a happy birthday for turning a year older.⁣

The Jeje hit-maker went down the memory lane to the day he a bought his dream car – a brand new 2021 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge, stating that this year he must own a private jet.⁣

“We bought a 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge Zero killometre last Year, and we buying a Private Jet this Year!!! ✈ … that’s the definition of having the best management!…Fu*k! it’s my Manager @sallam_sk ‘s Birthday and we party hard at UPEPO GARDEN tonight!! 🌍#StanLee 👨🏻 #MendezBirthday #FOA,” Diamond shared.⁣

Currently, Platnumz is managed by three managers namely Babu Tale, Sallam SK and Mkubwa Fella. Tale is in charge of his African shows, Mkubwa Fella manages his Tanzanian shows while Sallam SK is the international manager – coordinates everything international.⁣

Chibu Dangote is one of the biggest musicians across the African continent with his roots extending to the international market.⁣

Platinumz who is the CEO of Wasafi Recording Label is a star who can fully attribute his success to his music and make it count.⁣

He is also the CEO of Wasafi Media (Wasafi TV and Radio), Zoom Xtra, WCB Wasafi, Cheka Tu and Wasafi Bet.⁣

Platnumz boast of some of the most expensive rides in East Africa and even in Africa, as far as musicians are concerned.⁣

Here is a List of Cars Owned by Diamond Platnumz⁣
The 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan⁣
The Cadillac Escalade Black Edition⁣
The Cadillac Escalade Sky Captain Edition⁣
Toyota Landcruiser V8⁣
Toyota Landcruiser TX⁣
Toyota Landcruiser V8⁣



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