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Kibra finest Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has raised eyebrows after setting her dowry at Sh2 million.⁣

In a recent interview, Vishy made it clear that any man interested in her should be ready to part with Sh2 million as dowry and it should be in cash.⁣

She even warned that nobody (especially her man) should think of taking cows to her parent’s place because she is not interested in that mode of dowry payment.⁣

“My dowry is Sh2 million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ng’ombe. Sitaki ng’ombe sijui ati inasukumwa. Mimi ni Sh2 million and that’s it na ukitaka kuleta ng’ombe heri hiyo pesa ununue gari.⁣

(My dowry is Sh2 million and please don’t try to bring cows. I don’t want cows its either you bring the Sh2 million or you even buy a car),” Pritty Vishy said in an interview with Nicholas Kioko.⁣

Asked on whether she is still in a romantic relationship with Freshi Barida hit-maker Stivo Simple Boy, she said; “After breakup si we move on regardless. Life is okay na kila mtu ako na shughuli zake. So many things have changed but not that much.⁣

“I can’t remember the last time I talked to him but we only talk if we happen to meet. I’m not dating Stivo Simple Boy completely,”.⁣

Stivo and Vishy went their separate ways back in January this year. However, despite the viral breakup, netizens were still divided as to whether it was a genuine breakup or a tactic to gain influence on social media.⁣

During that period, Pritty Vishy promised that she will continue to support Stivo despite their breakup.⁣

In 2017, former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith disclosed that her lover Brain Muiruri coughed up a staggering Sh2.5 Million as her dowry.⁣

“This love is not goals…this love is work. it takes time, moulding, shifting and growing up. it takes communication. this love requires standing together not falling apart…#love wins” Risper divulged.



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