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The Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Coalition has stated that it is working on resolving the increasing tension within the outfit.

The coalition’s Executive Director, Raphael Tuju, stated that a team within the coalition was handling the disagreements after meeting with the parties’ Secretary Generals at a Nairobi hotel on Tuesday.

“We will resolve the matter, how it will be resolved, we’ll leave the details to the team in the coalition which is going to deal with the matter. There is no cause for alarm,” said Tuju without divulging further details.

“We are together but that does not mean that we have competing interests sometimes, that happens in every family, we don’t always agree on everything.”

Tuju further assured transparency within the camp, saying that Kenyans would be presented with the coalition document once everything had been ironed out.

“The final document which is going to be signed by the registrar of political parties is going to be in public domain, everybody will have a chance to interrogate and criticize it.”

Troubles have been rocking the Raila Odinga-led outfit lately, with the latest being Monday’s case where four parties petitioned the Registrar of Political Parties wanting the registration of the coalition halted immediately.

The four; Wiper, KANU, UDP and MDG claim that the agreement submitted on April 1, 2022, was altered without the consent of the respective parties under the coalition.

In a letter addressed to the political parties registrar Ann Nderitu, the four parties have raised three issues that they insist must be addressed before the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party is officially registered.

“Our objection is premised on the fact that three (3) issues have not been agreed upon and are to be deliberated and agreed upon before the Agreement is fully registered, these are as follows: -The number of caucuses; these had been agreed as three (3) on 1st April 2022 and presented as four (4) on the 9th April 2022,” reads the petition.

The parties are also demanding that the running mate of the coalition’s flag bearer Raila Odinga be selected as the Deputy Party Leader as is required under the Law.



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