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Martha Karua teamed up with Kenyan creatives to release a song to woo voters to support the Azimo la Umoja One Kenya alliance coalition.⁣

Some of the musicians who are featured in the video include Sally Wisdom, Grace Mwai, Jecinta Omondi, and Fena Gitu.⁣

The song was created to celebrate Karua’s journey which spans over three decades.⁣

The song also features vocals from rapper Juliani and cameo appearances by Joseph Benjamin Wachira Nyokabi, a Tiktok content creator who made a skit mimicking Karua that went viral.⁣

Photos of the video shoot first emerged on June 24 when activist Boniface Mwangi shares behind the scene videos.⁣

“This morning incoming Deputy President of Kenya Martha Karua met with Nyokabi Joe who made the now famous haroooo video. The Azimio manifesto has an agenda to turn work experience into certification. University of work experience will be certified and you will get a certificate,” Boniface Mwangi said.⁣

He also announced that Joe’s life would change for the better after meeting Karua.⁣

“As of this morning Nyokabi Joe didn’t have a job and had rent arrears. He says he did the harooo TikTok video hoping to get 10 views but to his surprise, it went viral. He didn’t get any pay but his friends thought he had “made it!” Today, his life changed thanks to Martha Karua,” Boniface Mwangi.⁣

In the video which has become a sensation on social media, Joe is seen mimicking Martha Karua’s speech. The clip has now garnered over 1.2 million views on Tiktok.⁣

The 25-year-old is a film school graduate but had never had a job in production but has always been a funny character.⁣

“Martha Karua is from my county and when it was announced that she would be Raila’s running mate, I gained interest in what she has to tell people. Over time I listened to her as she was campaigning and every time I would listen something would always ring in my mind and then it hit me that is how she talks,” Wachira said in a recent interview.⁣

He said that the invitation to meet the former Justice Minister came as he was hanging out with his friends in Kirinyaga when Boniface texted him asking whether he was in Nairobi.⁣



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