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Speaking in Marsabit County while campaigning for Kenya Kwanza in Illeret, North Horr, Loiyangalani and Korr Ruto claims that the Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate is showing signs of moving out of the race.⁣

“Get a [serious] candidate who will face us in the election,” he said.⁣

This is after Raila issued a new ultimatum to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) saying there will be no elections unless the manual register is used.⁣

According to Ruto IEBC has the mandate and expertise to conduct free, fair, and credible elections therefore Raila should not threaten it.⁣

“This is an independent institution; it cannot take instruction from any candidate or politician, IEBC does not operate in an environment of coercion and ultimatums,” he stated.⁣

Odinga had claimed that the failure to use a manual register along with the electronic register will be a recipe for vote fraud.⁣

Ruto suggests that the Raila Odinga is to be replaced because he is conditioning for the use of a manual register along with the electronic register in the next polls.⁣

“If Raila does want to participate in elections it’s not a must for him. isn’t it that way? they should change and give me another candidate so that I can compete against him,” said the deputy president.⁣

“They told us they are deep state and system and Now they have no place to hide,” he added.⁣

He was accompanied by MPs Aden Duale, Naomi Waqo, Ali Rasso, Kithure Kindiki, Ndindi Nyoro and Marsabit County political aspirants Kello Harsama, Steve Lenarokushu, Galma Baraka, Mohamed Chute, Sunya Ore, among others.⁣



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