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A new poll by research firm Ipsos has placed Azimio la Umoja One Kenya flag-bearer Raila Odinga as the most preferred contender in the August 9 presidential race with a popularity rating of 47 percent.

The poll released Tuesday placed Odinga’s main rival in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, Deputy President William Ruto, as second with a popularity score of 41 percent.

At the same time, Roots Party candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah came in third with 2,9% while Agano Party’s David Mwaure scored 0.2 percent.

Another 8.8 percent of respondents said they were undecided on their preferred candidate although they were sure they would vote.

“We have those who refused to answer that particular question, maybe the know and they are afraid or scared, and they make up 5.1 percent,” IPSOS Director for East and Horn of Africa Samuel Muthoka said.

Similarly, the research showed that Mr. Odinga has a stronghold in the urban areas compared to DP Ruto, who has a stronghold in rural areas.

“51 percent of urbanites tell us that they will vote for Raila Odinga. In the rural areas, that is where William Ruto has a stronghold; 45 percent of those in the rural areas said they would vote for Ruto if elections were held today,” added Mr. Muthoka.

Meanwhile, a majority of males and older voters aged above 35 years said they would vote for Raila Odinga if elections were to be held today. Females and the youth would, on the other hand, vote for DP Ruto.

“15-24 (years of age) we see higher numbers for William Ruto, 46%, compared to Odinga’s 43%,” Mr. Muthoka noted.



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