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Police in Kayole Police Station are detaining a 23-year-old student who staged a self kidnapping to extort his parents.⁣

Edwin Kamau, a student at the Makindu Training College took himself into kidnapping on Sunday blocking his fathers line and looking for sympathy from his mother who he told needed to send Sh70,000 or was at risk of loosing his life to the ‘kidnappers’.⁣

Fearful of the situation her son was encroached in, the parents reported the matter to the police and sent Sh10,000 after calls from Kamau persisted saying he was at the mercy of his kidnappers. His distraught parents sent another Sh40,000 as police officers immediately launched a manhunt for the kidnappers.⁣

“However, the calls persisted with Kamau telling his mother that his kidnappers were on the verge of eliminating him. Determined to secure the life of their son, they sent Sh10,000 yesterday via mobile money and an additional Sh40,000 today,” read the report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).⁣

However upon receiving the first Sh10,000 in his mobile money wallet, Kamau went to a Thika club where he took the company of lady who he planned to make merry with.⁣

His plans were however ruined after it turned out the lady had her plans in mind too. She spiked his drink making away with cash Kamau had received.⁣

Kamau would regain consciousness and get back to endless calls to his mother with threats of being at the mercy of kidnappers, however police had got wind of the incident and nabbed him before swindling his mother another penny.⁣

“As fate would have it, the woman turned out to be a pishori admin who laced his drink with an unknown substance and stole the cash. Today after regaining control of his faculties, he called again and his parents sent a further Sh40,000 which he withdrew and secured in his shoes. By this time, detectives had closed in on him” The DCI stated.⁣

In his defence, Kamau said he had squandered money meant for his school fees and had no where else to get money to clear and write his exams.⁣

According to Kamau he carried out the kidnapping alongside two of his other friends whose parents also sent the ransom.⁣



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