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Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga on Sunday declared ODM’s Anthony Oluoch as his choice for the Mathare MP seat.

During a rally in the constituency, Raila said he was aware that Oluoch (ODM) and singer Kevin Bahati Kioko (Jubilee), both whom are in the Azimio coalition are contesting for the seat.

“Here in Mathare, as Baba I know I have two children in the same race. Do you want me to advice you as Baba? This is what I want…I have Oluoch and Bahati, this is what I decide… I will hold Bahati’s hand,” Raila said as the singer’s supporters chanted in unison.

To the supporters, Raila’s act to hold Bahati’s hand first appeared to be an endorsement before he announced otherwise.

“Bahati is my child, I will give him a job in government. Ruaraka MP is TJ Kajwang while Mathare MP is Oluoch,” Raila said.

After the announcement, Bahati, who was standing next to Raila on a car’s sunroof jumped down and disappeared into the crowds.

His decision comes amid Azimio’s efforts to solve the Bahati-Oluoch stalemate at a constituency that has been identified as an ODM zone.

Earlier, officials from Azimio coalition had also announced Oluoch as the preferred candidate, but this was met with resistance from Bahati.

The singer turned down the job offer from Azimio, vowing to remain in the ballot since he is the ‘most popular’ candidate.

In the Sunday tour of the city, the Azimio brigade made crossroads in Mathare, Langata and Embakasi, where Raila urged supporters to embrace the ‘6-piece’ voting, so that he bags a troop right from County to National Government.



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