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Billionaire businessman-turned-politician Jimi Wanjigi has announced that he will seek Kenya’s presidency under the Paul Muite-led Safina party umbrella after severing ties with ODM.

Calling it his next phase of his political “safari”, Mr. Wanjigi said that he will now vie under the Safina Party after he was kicked out of ODM during the party’s National Delegates Convention (NDC) at Kasarani stadium.

“I did assure Kenyans that I will be on the ballot on August 9, 2022. And where I will be, it is where the next government will be formed. It will be a government of the people of Kenya and for the people of Kenya. Today, I have officially become a Member of Safina Party,” he said.

Mr. Wanjigi said ODM was his first party which he joined in 2018 based on shared belief in ideology.

“We were in a home called ODM and that was the party that I first ever joined in 2018. I joined ODM believing that our ideology, our policies especially espoused in the election of 2017, were still in sync,” he said.

“When we got together as NASA, we talked about Canaan which we envisioned for Kenyans was a Canaan away from what we termed as oppression and backward policies of the Jubilee Govt.”

Wanjigi said he was shocked with the ‘handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he called “master oppressor” and ODM boss Raila Odinga but gave it the benefit of doubt.

“I was astounded after the swearing in in January, that my party leader, in March wants to shake hands with master oppressor Uhuru Kenyatta. I was shocked but I prayed it was about ideology.”

Calling himself “one of the biggest supporters” of ODM and Raila Odinga, Wanjigi then brought up the issue of Kasarani and how he was kicked out of the party.

“I resigned from ODM after the brutal violence I experienced at Kasarani during the ODM National Delegates Conference. Hon. Raila made it practically impossible for the Party to hold free, democratic and credible Presidential nomination,” he added.

“I have had many meetings with many Kenyans who want to stand on ODM ticket. They are scared and terrified. They do not believe the Party anymore holds its democratic credentials. It has become a personal fiefdom.”



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