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Pupils who just sat their KCPE exams will have their results in the next two weeks, the government has announced.

Education CS George Magoha announced on the last day of the 3-day exam period that saw 1.2 million candidates take the test.

“In terms of marking, the marking process has already started on the first day and this is going to continue, and going by the progress we shall spend similar time like we did last year,” said Magoha.

Three cases of exam fraud were reported across the country and the suspects arrested.

CS Magoha on Wednesday said that one of the cases involved an invigilator in Abrassa Academy-Marsabit County who allegedly took photos of examination papers then distributed them.

The other case, according to the CS, was witnessed in Turkana County where a mobile phone was recovered containing examination answers.

A headteacher from Naisambu Primary School in Trans Nzoia county where another rigging claim was reported is also in police custody.

Speaking at Kamukunji Sub-County container pick-up point in Nairobi, Prof. Magoha said the headmaster of Naisambu Primary School in Kiminini area was being investigated and if found guilty he would be arraigned.

While calling upon examiners to abstain from any malpractice and irregularities in the forthcoming KCSE exams, CS Magoha stressed that the teachers already in custody would be a lesson to fellow colleagues.

“As we go into next Monday, there are very high stakes there, as we had said, I had said, the fate of those two teachers has been sealed. There are those who would want to do the same, and you are welcome to do so! It is not worth it, don’t confuse the children,” Magoha said.



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