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Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz has shared photos of his new jewelry which saw him spend more than Sh30 million.⁣

Taking to Instagram, Diamond flaunted four diamond encrusted bracelets and five rings which spell ‘Simba’ which is his nickname.⁣

“$100K for the fingers… $177K for the Hand 🥶❄️ #SIMBA 🦁” read his IG caption that has over 100,000 likes already.⁣

As of Thursday, November 25, the dollar exchange rate was Sh112, meaning his jewelry was worth more than Sh31 million.⁣

From the musician’s IG photos, its clear that he doesn’t mind spending money on expensive shiny pieces.⁣

In October 2021, he flaunted his new Diamond encrusted Rolex watch worth about Sh.3, 325, 499.⁣

He bought the timepiece during a tour of the United States.⁣



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