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WCB Wasafi President Diamond Platnumz has broken his silence hours after his YouTube channel with over 6.6 million subscribers was restored.⁣

On Monday, the Tanzanian singer had been subjected to a major setback after YouTube Management deactivated his channel for violating their community guidelines.⁣

“Thank you my beloved… my YouTube channel is back, enjoy my brand new video #WONDER,” Diamond wrote.⁣

The YouTube channel got deactivated hours after his team regained its control from Bitcoin scammers who had hacked it.⁣

However, on Tuesday the account was again briefly hacked and its name changed to ARK Invest.⁣

This was the second time Chibu Dangote was being hacked. On Sunday, alleged Bitcoin scammers took control of the channel and even went live promoting their digital currency.⁣

The act of Diamond’s hackers using his account to promote Bitcoin landed him in trouble with YouTube – leading to hours of deactivation.⁣

On Monday, WCB Wasafi’s Head of Digital Kim Kayndo said that they were in talks with YouTube management to sort out all the issues affecting Diamond’s channel.⁣

“Kutokana na channel ya Diamond Platnumz kudukuliwa jumapili iliyopita na wadukuzi kuingia live. Leo imezuiliwa na YouTube kutoka na maudhui yale kuvunja sharia za YouTube. Tumeshafanya mawasiliano ya awali kutatua tatizo hili. Tuendelee kuwa wavumilivu kila kitu kitakuwa sawa.⁣

“(Following the hacking of Diamond Platnumz channel on Sunday, and the hackers going. live. Today, it has been deactivated by YouTube management after the hackers violated YouTube guidelines. We are already in communication with YouTube to resolve the issue. Let’s be patient everything will be okay),” Kim Kayndo reported.⁣

The Wonder hitmaker owns the YouTube channel with the most YouTube subscribers in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.⁣

He joined the streaming platform on June 12, 2011 and so far had garnered over 1.6 billion views and counting.⁣

On Sunday, Platnuzm’s channel had been hacked together with that of his signee Mbosso before they were both restored.⁣



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