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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Customs Officers on Tuesday evening, November 23, intercepted approximately 4.88 kilograms of gold and jewelry that was being smuggled through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).⁣

According to a statement from KRA, Customs Officers stationed at JKIA identified a group of approximately 30 female Kenyan travelers who were departing from Nairobi to Mumbai, India through Doha.⁣

The travelers are said to be directly associated with three female passengers earlier intercepted entering Mumbai with approximately 1 kg of gold concealed internally on 19th August 2021.⁣

During a body search, the Customs Officers in conjunction with the Multi-Agency team discovered approximately 4.88kgs of undeclared gold & jewelry from 15 female passengers.⁣

The 15 women who were on board the flight were asked to cancel the flight to allow for further investigations.⁣

The intercepted gold and jewelry have been deposited in the Customs warehouse.⁣



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