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It appears that a lawsuit isn’t enough to soil the creative romance between Scarlett Johansson and Disney as reports say the actress and filmmaker are currently working on a top-secret Marvel project.⁣

Marvel boss Kevin Feige recently hinted at the new collaboration which will see Johannsson take producer credits.⁣

“We already are working with Scarlett on another not Black Widow-related top-secret Marvel Studios project,” Feige said at a ceremony to celebrate the actress’s American Cinematheque Award.⁣

Recall that the year kicked off on a turbulent note between Disney and Johansson after she dragged the studios to court over the joint cinema/Disney+ debut of ‘Black Widow’ which saw her executive produce and star in the lead role. Both parties recently reached an unreported settlement.⁣

For now, details of the ‘secret’ project are under wraps with expectations flying over the roof for Marvel’s 2022/23 film slate which includes the ‘Black Panther’ sequel ‘Wakanda Forever.⁣



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