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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has reacted to the Supreme Court verdict that dismissed an appeal case he filed seeking to stop Anne Kananu from being sworn in as Nairobi County Governor.

Taking to social media on Monday evening, Sonko said he has accepted the decision and conceded defeat.

He expressed his regards to Nairobi residents for electing him to office, saying he hoped for another opportunity to serve the public.

“I concede defeat by accepting the Supreme court’s verdict this afternoon. God’s timing is the best and a time will come when he’ll give me another chance to serve Kenyans in any capacity,” said the former governor.

“I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I had working for you, I will continue doing so. For now we leave everything to God. We live to fight another day, however, alluta continua as life must go on.”

He concluded his message by saying: “Twendeni tukapige sherehe sasa.”

The ruling by the Supreme Court drove the last nail on the coffin for Sonko’s persistent push to challenge his removal from office.

Sonko wanted the Supreme Court to prohibit the swearing-in of Kananu as Nairobi Governor pending hearing and determination of his appeal.

Last month, the appellate court dismissed Sonko’s appeal of the High Court decision okaying his removal from office in December 2020 forcing him to move to the Supreme Court.



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