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The Supreme Court has issued orders temporarily barring the swearing in of Anne Kananu Mwenda as Nairobi County Governor pending the hearing of a case filed by former Governor Mike Sonko.

The apex court has issued the orders for a period of 14 days.

“Emphasise that the conservatory orders shall be for fourteen days,” reads the orders.

Further justice Mohammed Ibrahim has directed that the file be placed before the chief justice to appoint a bench to hear the appeal filed by Sonko.

The appeal before the supreme court has been certified as urgent.

Sonko has moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the court of appeal decision that paved the way for Kananu’s swearingin as Governor.

“The arising imminent circumstances impose an unelected Governor and the appellant has contested that the learned judges of the court of appeal erred in law and fact by disregarding the import of the swearing in of a Governor..,” argues Sonko.

He furthur claims that the court of appeal judges erred in law by disregarding his political rights.



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