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If you’re a fish lover who frequents Kenya’s twitter streets, you’ve probably heard of Osumo Brad.

Osumo Brad is a fishmonger and entrepreneur who owns Big Fish, a restaurant that is now one of Kenya’s most well-known fish establishments.

During an interview the past week on Jalango Tv, Osumo said the Big fish restaurant was not as big as it is now, when it started operations in 2018.

After graduating from university in 2016 with a Biochemistry Degree, and failing to secure a job, the Big fish owner picked up what was then a small fish vending business on the side of the street from his sister and convinced her to open a small Kibanda to sell cooked fish.

According to Osumo Brad, his biggest turnaround was when he posted a tweet with a picture of fish and ugali on December 21, 2018 asking people to visit his kibanda for the delicacy.

The businessman said he did not expect any support from the Tweet.

“Oyaa si mkuje kibanda mkule fish ama mnipe order. Retweet lovers of fish might be on your tl.” the Tweet read.

Osumo says it went crazy after that, retweets upon retweets which even featured local celebrities rallying up people to visit his joint.

“Ilikuwa 21st of December, nilieka tweet on twitter,niliambia tu wasee mimi ni fish monger nyi kujeni mkule fish. Ile tu design unaeza eka tweet na we usahau, ile tu unasema ikikuja ni sawa ata sikuwa naexpect sababu nilikuwa na followers mia tatu.”

Osumo went on to say: “Hakuna ata mtu nilikuwa naexpect aone iyo tweet. Kitu ilinisaidia pia ilikuwa kitu saa saba ivi na nilikuwa na picha ya fish, so watu wakadandia iyo tweet, ikapata replies na retweets. Kutoka January 2020, wasee walianza kukam, wasee wanaulizia hii place iko wapi, watu wanapiga simu sana coz nilikuwa nimeweka number yangu. Ikafika August tukaanza kutafuta spaces na tukafungua big fish ingine nah ii ilikuwa wakati wa corona.”

Osumo says he also loves fish and consumes it every day but jokingly calls it a part of quality assurance to keep the fish up to the expected standards to keep customers visiting.



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