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The Employment and Labour Relations Court has issued orders barring the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) from declaring redundant or terminating the services of it’s staff.

Justice Ocharo Kebira issued the orders pending hearing and determination of a petition challenging KEMSA’s plan to retrench employees.

“A Conservatory Order is issued restricting the Respondents from, declaring redundant or terminating the services of the 1st Respondent’s members of staff and enlisting or employing active members of the Kenya Defence Forces and National Youth services (NYS) to take up positions occupied by those members, pending the hearing and determination of the application inter partes,” reads the order issued on Monday.

The matter has been certified as urgent with the hearing date set for November 16.

Last week, KEMSA announced the redundancy of positions in the organization within the next month.

Amid what it terms organizational restructuring, the authority has further directed its staff to work from home in that period, except for staff tasked with essential services.

The authority further stated that decisions on which positions to be affected will be based on seniority, skills, and competencies, merit, ability, and reliability.

According to the Auditor General report for the financial year 2018/2019, KEMSA had 791 employees, 450 more of the staffers it was approved to hire, pushing the agency’s staff budget.



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