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South African politician and activist Julius Malema has encouraged Azimio One Kenya Alliance flagbearer Raila Odinga to concede the recently announced Presidential election results.⁣

Malema made the announcement during a press conference organised by his party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).⁣

“We call on Mr. Raila Odinga to accept the elections outcome, and not form part of a tradition of causing instability, and uncertainty on African governance,” stated Malema.⁣
The EFF leader further urged Odinga to team up with President-elect William Ruto to address the challenges facing Kenyans.⁣

“Mr. Odinga must humble himself, and form part of a government that will address the challenges confronting the people of Kenya, and not allow history to remember him as an individual who was desperate for power, at the cost of the progress of his nation,” stated Malema.⁣

While addressing the media, Malema revealed that he already spoke to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leader and congratulated him on the win.⁣

“This morning, I spoke to President elect Willian Ruto and congratulated him for winning the democratic elections in Kenya,” he stated.⁣

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