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Deceased urban gospel rapper Antony Ng’ang’a popularly known as Ngashville will be laid to rest on Saturday August 27.

Family and friends are set to hold a memorial service at Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road on Friday 26 before he is laid to rest the following day in Githunguri, Kiambu County.

Ngashville passed away on Sunday 21 after what is suspected to have been food poisoning which severely affected his liver and kidneys.

According to Daddy Owen a close friend of Ngashville, there were efforts to resuscitate the late gospel singer however it was too late as the food poisoning had affected his blood which affected the blood and the liver.

“Ngashville was taken ill on Thursday 11th August with what he thought to be a bout of food poisoning. He got some over the counter meds to treat the symptoms and took time to rest. He sought medical attention on Friday 19th August.

Medication was prescribed and he returned home. He was in high spirits anticipating a full recovery, however on Saturday, his health took a turn for the worse and he begun to vomit blood. He was dashed to the hospital on Saturday evening, and upon arrival, it was established that he had very low blood pressure and recommended immediate admission to HDU,” Daddy Owen narrated.

Owen said Ngashville died after doctors saw the situation was beyond control and even advised the family to say their last goodbyes to the late singer

“The doctors worked hard to stabilize him and established that he had a severe blood infection. Efforts to treat him were commendable, however, the infection had affected his kidneys and liver function and he was put on life support in the ICU.

The doctor’s worked tirelessly to manage the situation but the infection had taken a toll on his body and caused multiple organ failure. The doctor’s advised the family to say their goodbyes and within the hour, Ngash peacefully rested at 7:50pm on Sunday 21st August,” Daddy Owen narrated.

The late Ngashville leaves behind a widow and three children.

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