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Singer Kevin Kioko Bahati has rejected a job offer from Azimio’s Raila Odinga to shelve his Mathare MP seat ambitions.

Bahati has insisted that he will be on the ballot on August 9, 2022, even after his opponent Anthony Oluoch received an endorsement from Raila Odinga.

In a video on his social media, Bahati now says that he has been intimidated by his opponent.

“I don’t feel safe any more. My opponent sent goons to manhandle me and tore my Jubilee t-shirt. But this does not deter us from serving the people of Mathare,” Bahati said.

The singer was seen wearing a torn t-shirt in the video, alleging that he was attacked while on a campaign trail in Mathare.

Bahati said Oluoch, his main rival in the contest, has sensed defeat and any attempt to have him step down will not change his mind.

“I had a job, I have a job as a musician but my people in Mathare are still living a hard life… I will be on the ballot,” Bahati said in apparent reference to Raila’s promise to offer him a job.

Bahati, a newbie in Kenyan politics, is confident he will be able to outdo Oluoch in the Mathare race.

Born and bred in the Mathare slums, the singer is hugely banking on this to gain support among the slum residents, reminding them he is one of them and that he understands the slum struggles better.

Bahati says as MP, he will listen to the people and provide solutions to the problems he faced when growing up in Mathare. This include lack of clean water, sanitation and education to Mathare children.



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