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Content creator and singer Diana Marua has come out to answer those questioning the house gift she received from her husband, Bahati.

Taking to her Insta stories, Diana said that the gift was not fake and that she had not occupied the house because of her kids’ education.

Diana said kids are still in school and, therefore, moving houses right now will greatly inconvenience them.

“Mnasema sijui ni fake ni fake! It is because of school. Babies are still in school but I thank God they are doing their exams,” Diana said.

On her other gift, the Prado TX, she said she has been customising it and soon it will have number plates on it.

Diana thanked God for blessing her abundantly, and dismissed claims.that she was leading a high-end lifestyle.

“I’m literally looking at my life right now and I’m like, God has smiled at me,” she added.

Diana was a subject of discussion for days when Bahati gifted her a fully furnished house and a Prado for her birthday and Valentine’s Day.

A section of their followers saw it as clout chasing, but Diana insists the gifts are real and she is blessed.

Others wonder where Bahati, a musician, gets all the money to spoil his wife big time.



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