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Jimmy Wanjigi, Safina presidential candidate, has been denied clearance to run for presidency by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

IEBC Chaiman, Wafula Chebukati said he rejected Wanjigi for lacking a degree certificate from a recognized institution in Kenya. He also said that Wanjigi presented insufficient signatures. Inconsistencies in IDs presented was another reason for rejection.

Wanjigi however senses foul play in the decision. ” Kuna mchujo na kuna watu wengine ambao hawataki kuona wengine kwa ballot.” He complained that some candidates were cleared after submitting documents in similar format as him.

Chebukati stands by his decision and has asked Wanjigi to talk to the dispute resolution committee if he has any issues.

Through a letter to IEBC chairman, Wanjigi has asked IEBC to conduct a thorough audit of 2017 presidential election.

“If this is your intention and direction as the commission then i fear greatly for the coming elections. ” Wanjigi warned. “You will not get away with it!”







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