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Actress Jackie Matubia and her fiancé Blessing Lung’aho have welcomed their first child.

The couple, who have other children from their previous unions announced the arrival of ‘Baby D’ on their social media, promising to share a delivery vlog with thseir fan.

“My baby D, Blessing we did good,” Jackie Matubia captioned a picture of herself carrying her bundle of joy.

She thanked her friends Terence Creative and Milly Chebby for standing with them all through the delivery journey.

However, the couple’s decision to share a video of the delivery process is a change of tune as they had earlier shown disinterest in doing it.

In a past interview, Blessing noted that there has been a trend of couples recording videos of the delivery journey and sharing it but that is something they needed to think about because of privacy issues.

“I’m a pretty private person especially when I’m vulnerable and I wouldn’t want to document that. Maybe she might want to document something, I will support her in that but I’d do it differently,” the actor said.

Other than the newborn, Jackie Matubia has an elder daughter who is about 7 years old.

On the other hand, Blessing also has daughter from another relationship.

“Children are a blessing in more ways than one, I also have a daughter. Fatherhood is something I can’t explain. It’s an amazing feeling,” Blessing recently said on being a second dad.



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