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Madiba and Jackie are expecting a baby together.⁣
Zora actress Jackie Matubia, who plays the character named Nana on the show has confirmed being in romantic relationship with her fellow actor Blessing Lungaho alias Madiba.⁣

On Monday, February 14, 2022, Ms Matubia shared a video, introducing Lungaho as her baby daddy to be – after keeping it under wraps for some time.⁣

The two love birds are expecting a baby together.⁣

“Blessed” Jackie captioned her video.⁣

On the other hand, Madiba put up a photo posing with his sweetheart, wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day.⁣

“Happy valentine’s morning from the gentleman of @zannetti_gentlemen Pic by @muma_pix,” wrote Blessing Lungaho⁣

Reactions for fellow celebrities⁣

yasmeen_saiedi “Aaaaaaaw😍😍😍 congratulations @jmatubia n @blessinglungaho”⁣

kate_actress “Who is cutting onions 😭😍😍😍 so beautiful congratulations @jmatubia @blessinglungaho”⁣

millywajesus “Congratulations 😍😍😍”⁣

millychebby “Finally congratulations fam @blessinglungaho @jmatubia to loootttss of love ,marriage is a beautiful thing 💜”⁣

celestinendinda “Congratulations Jackie😍”⁣

mrseedofficial “Aaaawwww congratulations to you two 🖤🖤 @jmatubia”⁣



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