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Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is welcome to join the Kenya Kwanza coalition, ANC Secretary-General Simon Gikuru has said
Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Wednesday, Gikuru wooed Kalonzo to the William Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza outfit, saying they are best placed to clinch the presidency in the August polls.

“We want to welcome Kalonzo into Kenya Kwanza, if you look at our coalition agreement there is a whole clause on inviting new members and we can use that to admit Kalonzo,” stated Gikuru.

He likened Kalonzo’s fate, on ditching the Azimio la Umoja camp, to his party leader Musalia Mudavadi who was ‘sidelined’ by the NASA coalition in 2017.

“After all Kalonzo has suffered the same fate as my party leader when you look at his history in NASA so, Kalonzo, Kenya Kwanza will welcome you with open hands.”

Kalonzo on Monday announced his decision to go it alone to the ballot on a ticket with Andrew Ole Sunkuli as his presidential running mate.

He indicated that he decided to jump ship after being shortchanged in the Azimio alliance where he hoped to be picked as Raila Odinga’s running mate.

However, if Kalonzo joins Kenya Kwanza, it will be on a support basis as the Political Parties Amendment Act of 2022, Section 10 (2), dictates that a pre-election coalition must be at least three months before a General Election.

The coalition agreement submission was due on May 8, 2022.



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