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The Postal Corporation of Kenya is set to go cashless from June 1, 2022.

In a public notice issued on Tuesday, the corporation – commonly referred to as Posta – outlined its cashless policy for all postal services from next month.

“The Corporation has officially adopted a cashless policy for postal services (mail and courier) payments at all postal offices countrywide. All payments shall be received via official Posta Paybill numbers for respective offices,” the Corporation stated.

“The Cashless Policy will ensure seamless operations and excellent service delivery across our vast network countrywide.”

Posta money orders and agency services will however be exempted from the cashless policy.

The move comes even as the State Corporation remains cash-strapped with a recent audit revealing it had failed to remit employee and tax arrears rounding off to Ksh.1.8 billion.

The arrears include payroll taxes and retirement benefits.

Posta has been striving to remain solvent as its operations struggle under the wave of increased digitization in information and communication technologies (ICT).

At the same time, Posta has suffered from competition including the sprouting of private courier companies who have proverbially given the Corporation a run for its money.



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