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Kenyan YouTuber turned rapper Diana Marua has penned down a message of encouragement to her husband Kevin Bahati after he cried uncontrollably in front of cameras.⁣

Bahati had been speaking on the pressure to abandon his Mathare parliamentary bid.⁣

In her message, the Mubaba hitmaker said that she is optimistic that her hubby will overcome all the obstacles hindering his Mathare MP candidature.⁣

“Every dark cloud has a silver lining. It’s tough but we shall overcome. Stay focused on the greatness that lies ahead of you and the people of Mathare,” Diana B advised her husband.⁣

On Monday, Bahati alleged that he had been told to step down as the Jubilee candidate in Mathare in favour of ODM’s candidate and current MP Anthony Oluoch.⁣

Speaking to the media, the Mama hitmaker shed tears as he sent a message to Jubilee party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, asking them to give the people of Mathare a chance to elect their MP of choice.⁣

“I’m also in Azimio and this certificate here is not only Bahati but it represents many other youths, this is a sign of hope. I respect you my president and I respect Raila Amollo Odinga but please, give the youth of this country a chance.⁣

“I know there is zoning and Mathare has been zoned as an ODM area but for this one time, give the youth of this country a chance. Give the people of Mathare a chance to choose the leader they have always wanted,” Bahati said.⁣

He defended that to this day, many people in Mathare didn’t have access to hygiene and sanitation infrastructure, adding that he joined politics at the behest of the local voters who should be given freedom of choice on the ballot.⁣



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