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A sombre mood engulfed Chilchila High School in Kipkelion, Kericho County after a candidate collapsed and died immediately after beginning writing his KCSE examination paper.

Kericho County Commissioner Kamau Karungo confirmed the incident saying the candidate collapsed in the examination room as he was about to begin writing his English paper.

Karungo said the candidate was rushed to Fort-Tenan sub-county hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

He said the cause of death was yet to be established as the candidate was well before the start of the examination and has been well all along.

According to hospital staff who spoke on condition of anonymity, the parents of the candidate reported that he has been of sound health all along and had not exhibited any signs of illness.

The county commissioner, however, revealed that the rest of the students were undertaking the examination and the information of the death of one of their own was being managed not to cause anxiety among the other candidates.

The KCSE exams continued smoothly in other examination centres in the county.



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