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As learners prepare to sit their national exams next month, a section of parents from Migori County have raised concerns over noise pollution distracting the learners from their studies.

Some of the parents who spoke to Radio Ramogi led by Awendo Municipal Board Member Martin Ondong said the noise from political meetings is distracting learners preparing for national examinations.

Mr. Ondong said some of the political leaders are holding their rallies near schools hence interfering with learning activities.

He noted that learners preparing for the national exams should be given a conducive environment so that they can prepare adequately.

The municipal board member has appealed to the provincial administrators to ban loud music around the schools and even around the residential places.

Mr. Ondong opined that political leaders should also have their political activities like campaigns away from learning institutions.

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) is set to run from 7th March 2022 to 9th March 2022.



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