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Kenyan skit-comedian David Oyando, stage name Mulamwah, is out here making boss moves.⁣

On Wednesday, March 2, Mulamwah made it known to the world, and his 475,000 Instagram followers, that he has kick-started the process of building his first home.⁣

The comedian shared a short clip capturing a lorry delivering building materials at his piece of land, with an encouragement for young people to take it step-by-step on their goals.⁣

“Steps, God is great. Focus young kings; ipo siku (a day will come),” shared Mulamwah.⁣

Mulamwah’s move towards owning his own house, excited his fans who joined the conversation with encouragement and congratulatory messages.⁣

With the new investment, Mulamwah now joins the list of entertainers who have built houses from a career in the performing arts, among them Jalang’o, Jua Cali, Obinna, Timmy, Producer Teddy B and Akothee.⁣



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