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Mulamwah dancing with his wife,Carol Sonnie and daughter,Keila Ayando SWEETIE SWEETIE (VIDEO)

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kendrick Mulamwah (@mulamwah)


County govt proposes tax on male circumcision and post-mortem on dead cats, chicken, dogs in KAKAMEGA

“We condemn the move by our MCAs to add such punitive laws to our already overtaxed people in the name of circumcision and post-mortem fees,”

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For 15 Years in Marriage, I Only Slept With my Wife For Less Than 10 Times”- Pastor Laments

In his first marriage, they had not been blessed with kids and this was never a problem to him because he loved his wife alot

Celebrity News

Mulamwah gifts wife, Carol Sonnie Ksh 100000 as push present following the birth of their first child

The celebrity family welcomes there first born bouncing baby girl. Mulamwah congratulated her with push gift of ksh 100k .He also went ahead and wrote,

Celebrity News

Nicki Minaj Says She’s Speaking Out For Family In Trinidad, “I have to be their voice and I will”

Nicki Minaj says she will continue to speak out on behalf of her family in Trinidad due to their inadequate access to the internet.