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Deputy President William Ruto arrived in style at the Karson Institute for Race, Peace and Social Justice which was one of his stopovers during his tour in the United States.⁣

DP Ruto arrived at the venue which is at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland riding in a convoy of three 2021 Cadillac Escalades, two Mercedes Benz S Class models, and a Range Rover.⁣

He was accompanied by Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi, Governors Josphat Nanok, Anne Waiguru, Salim Mvurya and members of Parliament allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).⁣

A breakdown of the cost implication of DP Ruto’s trip to US, UK, and Qatar by Nation showed that the deputy president’s office would have had to incur up to Sh107 million.⁣

How much will DP Ruto’s Washington DC, London trip cost?⁣
Hotel accommodation for the six days they will be in the US is expected to cost Sh8.28 million, with an average cost of Sh44,555 per night, exclusive of taxes and fees.⁣

“The highest daily allowance for a US trip is $724, which means about 14 high-ranking officials will receive Sh1.2 million for the six days.⁣

“The others are entitled to a daily allowance of about $527, which translates to about Sh6 million,” read an excerpt by Nation.⁣

Despite the fact that the travel was approved, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Ambassador Macharia Kamau insisted that the DP was not on official government business.⁣

During the discussion at the Karson Institute for Race, Peace & Social Justice, said that the quest for economic inclusion and the fight to safeguard democracy as the key issues at the heart of Kenya’s presidential poll.⁣

“There is a feeling that our economy has been captured, cartelized, brokered and has become exclusionist…that’s why our push is that we must democratize our economy and make it inclusive…bring everybody on board and ensure that nobody is left behind,” DP Ruto said.⁣

“An economy can only grow, be healthy and stable if we involve all the people, especially the majority who are at the bottom of the wealth pyramid,” he also shared on Twitter.⁣



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