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Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday chased journalists from a political event held in Nakuru County.

Ruto was meeting victims of the 2007 post election violence at Hugo Farm in Njoro when he started to tell a story of how he shelved his political ambition to support President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013.

He noted that residents of rift valley were adversely affected by election-related tensions in the past and that his decision to unite with President Kenyatta was informed by the need for peace.

Soon as he started narrating the events that led to being named Kenyatta’s running mate, the deputy president suddenly told the journalist that they were unwelcome.

“I asked myself, why is it that when there are political tensions it is the people of Rift Valley who suffer most. I sat down with Uhuru Kenyatta and I told him I was ready…mind you I had the opportunity to…” Ruto cut short his story after realising the presence of journalists at the event.

“These media houses…why do we have media houses here? Nani aliwaleta hapa (Who allowed them in?). Tokeni kwanza bwana ndio tuongee mambo ya maana (Please leave so we can discuss important issues),” he said.

Journalists waited to be invited back to the event for a media briefing but after more than three hours of camping outside the venue, they went home.

Although it is unclear why he chose to exclude media from the meeting, a source said that the attendees were discussing problems relating to the people of Njoro and Molo’s unity ahead of the August 9 General Election.

“The DP was uncomfortable talking about some issues about unity and why residents of Njoro and Molo must maintain peace ahead of the elections. That is why he decided to keep the media away,” the source disclosed.

Ruto had gone down memory lane prior to kicking out journalists, recounting how, in 2012, he opted to withdraw from the presidential race in favour of President Kenyatta.

“In 2012, I had decided to vie for the presidency, but l asked myself…Which position can l take? I established l can take position three after Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga,” he said.



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