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Kiambu gubernatorial candidate Moses Kuria has expressed disappointment at an altercation between William Kabogo and Senator Kimani Wamatangi that took place during Kenya Kwanza election campaigns in Kiambu County on Wednesday.⁣ Kuria decried the unfortunate exchange in a statement, saying that the altercation between the two leaders was ugly and regrettable.⁣

“What happened in the Hustler Express Caravan in Kiambu County yesterday was regrettable. The ugly altercation between Kabogo and Wamatangi is regrettable. I will not apportion blame to any of the two gentlemen but I can relate to Kabogo’s pain,” said Kuria.⁣

The Chama Cha Kazi founder revealed that the altercation resulted from a three-day meeting held by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders and attended by the UDA MP and MCA candidates.⁣

“For three days, the UDA leadership has been meeting UDA MP and MCA candidates to plot how to embarrass Kabogo and me during the tour,” he said.⁣

The Gatundu South legislator affirmed that associated MP and MCAs were warned of dire consequences.⁣

Claiming that the in-fighting and sabotage is not healthy for their fledgling alliance, Kuria pleaded with UDA members to live up to the policies of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.⁣

“This chicanery is not healthy for our fledgling alliance. It is imperative that we live not only the letter but also the spirit of the Kenya Kwanza alliance, otherwise it will be tantamount to politics of conmanship and deceit,” he stated.⁣

Furthermore, Kuria insisted that he will raise the concerns to the alliance principal as instructed in the alliance instruments.⁣



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