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Cleophas Malala, Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), and Kakamega Senator, got into a spat over Deputy President Ruto’s camp’s recent alliance with Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC).

While debating the possible effects of Sunday’s ‘earthquake’ announcement on the political arena on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Tuesday, the two engaged in a lengthy word battle.

ODM’s Sifuna stoked the fire after claiming that ANC’s betrayal of OKA was imminent and that it had proved the expectations of many in the rival ODM party.

“After the event on Sunday I was one of the happiest people in this country. I was so happy I didn’t know what to say because it was a vindication from the happenings to the things we have been telling you about,” stated Sifuna.

“If you are a keen political observer these are things, you should have known it was not a surprise…the question of the day is that really how sneaky are you as a friend to try and pull a move like that on your colleagues then Malala is lying to us that it was in the print media,” her added.

Senator Malala in his response, said that Sifuna is ‘a worried man’ masking his worry with a ‘brave face’.

He further chastised Sifuna for demeaning the ANC party, attacking ODM for having no representatives in Bungoma county, Sifuna’s home turf.

“I am very confident because I can see the effects of the earthquake on Edwin Sifuna. He wants to put on a brave face but deep down he is a worried man, he has a lot of panic because he doesn’t know what to do next,” Malala posed.

“I want to tell you Edwin Sifuna you cannot continue to demean ANC, if you so think that ANC is a small party why are you agitated?…It is evident that you have fallen into a panic. You are saying that ANC and Ford-Kenya are very small in consequential parties yet where you come from in Bungoma ODM has no single MCA,” he added.

SG Sifuna then cut short denying Malala’s claims: “That’s a lie, we have nine MCAs in Bungoma, you do not have the facts Malala…and so does ANC, it does not have any member in Bungoma,” responded Sifuna.



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