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President Uhuru Kenyatta has condoled with the family of Jubilee Secretary General and Cabinet Secretary Raphael Tuju following the death of their mother Mama Mary Odiyo Tuju.⁣

Mama Mary, 87, passed away last night while undergoing treatment at a Nairobi hospital.⁣

In his message of comfort to the family, the President eulogised Mama Mary as a hard-working community leader and elder who greatly valued and supported education as the foundation of life.⁣

“Mama Mary was a known and highly respected community leader who believed in the virtues and benefits of education. Her belief that education was the foundation of life was the inspiration that led many from her community to pursue education, and become productive members of society,” the President said.⁣

The Head of State described Mama Mary as a strong matriach who raised a successful family and prayed to God to grant the Tuju family solace and fortitude at this difficult period of mourning.⁣

“We will forever be grateful for the work she has done for our nation and for raising up a strong family which has continued to contribute to the socioeconomic transformation of our country.⁣

“I pray that God will shed his love and peace in your hearts as you mourn the demise of your beloved mother. I assure you of my prayers and support as you come to terms with the death of your family matriarch,” President Kenyatta comforted the family.⁣



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