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Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua insists he is still running for president in the 2022 General Election despite his recent sighting at ODM leader Raila Odinga’s Azimio La Umoja rally in Makueni last week.

“Just because you support somebody’s position does not mean you are relinquishing your desires. I am not relinquishing my dream to take over the running of this country,” said Mutua while speaking to Citizen TV Thursday morning.

The governor said he admires Raila Odinga for his pursuit to unite Kenyans, and he had attended the function to support him.

“I have seen what president Uhuru Kenyatta, through the handshake, is doing with Raila Odinga with Azimio La Umoja, uniting people regardless of tribe and gender. I went to that function to support Azimio La Umoja.”

Mutua added that, if anything, he could work out something with the ODM leader when time comes for him to join a coalition.

“We have worked together and you will see more coalitions coming together and people joining hands… When push comes to shove I hope Raila Odinga will support me,” he said.

Mutua also noted that if he were not running for president, he would vote for Raila.

“The way this country works is that you cannot run for president by yourself, you have to be in a coalition of the willing…” he said, adding: “We can move together in uniting this country and get to a point where we say Mutua, young and energetic, is better placed at this time to lead this country. Or Raila Odinga, or a coalition of Mutua and Raila, the older and the younger to govern this country, or anybody else.”

Governor Mutua elicited mixed reactions when he attended Odinga’s rally and a meeting the ODM leader held with opinion leaders from the Lower Eastern region and Mutua’s fellow Ukambani governors Charity Ngilu and Kivutha Kibwana.



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