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Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday told off his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga while promoting his bottom-up economic model approach.

Speaking in Makueni County where he extended his hustler movement campaigns, Ruto undermined his competitors saying they had no development agenda to offer to Kenyans.

“Tibim’ and ‘Reggae’ are noise to Kenyans and not a development agenda,” DP Ruto said sarcastically.

Ruto blamed Odinga for the fallout in the Jubilee Party saying: “In 2018, we welcomed your ‘supposed leader’ to our Jubilee Party thinking we would unite the nation. Little did we know that that he was bringing with his confusion.”

“I don’t know what he brought with him….maybe evil spirits, reggae. But that brought dubiety in our party leading to its dissolution,” Ruto added.

While criticizing his competitors, Ruto urged Makueni residents to look out for leaders who have their intentions centred towards development.

“The work of government is solving the problems of its citizens and planning the development of the country. Its work is not receiving praises from citizens and singing ‘reggae’ to woe Kenyans,” he said.

Exuding confidence that UDA would be the party to beat in next year’s polls, Ruto said: “UDA has 150 Mps, ODM has 70 and Wiper Democratic Party has 20 MPs. Which among all this has a potential to win?”

“We defeated NASA in 2013…, in 2017 because they don’t know how to plan themselves,” he said

He added: “They came to the competition with ten parties… confused each with their own party. It brings confusion, no wonder we won.”

The DP said the region had suffered in the hands of politicians with no focus on the people and their issues.

“Make no that mistake again. Let us walk together and form the next government,” said Ruto.

“Our plan now is to better the lives of millions of ordinary Kenyans who have no source of income.”

Dr Ruto spoke in Kaiti and Kilome Constituencies in Makueni County where he was accompanied by MPs Victor Munyaka (Machakos Town), Nimrod Mbai (Kitui East), UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama, former Kilome MP Regina Ndambuki and former Kaiti MP Gideon Ndambuki



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