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Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has vowed to sue Ceragem Limited, the company behind the electric mat that left him hospitalised with severe burn injuries on his feet.

Kuria, who is still admitted in hospital, further said he had contacted the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to probe the mattrer.

He was speaking on Tuesday during a meeting between the company’s top brass and the National Assembly Committee on Health which is probing the matter.

Kuria, who was attending the meeting from his hospital bed, also claimed the company had been banned from operating in Texas after they claimed they could cure cancer.

This comes even as it emerged that the company has not been licensed by the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

“The company must take responsibility, I have contacted the DCI, a criminal process is taking place alongside this parliamentary process. I am also going to sue in my personal capamcity in a civil approach,” said Kuria who accused the company of taking the issue casually.

Company CEO Vincent Omallah was put to task to explain how they diagnose their clients and what follow up measures they have put in place if any.

Omallah insisted their products have been approved in the country by the Kenya Bureau of Standards insisting they were safe to use.

“The products are checked from the country of origin before they are shipped in, and as soon as they arrive KEBS before we sell them to our clients, they undergo all the process just like any other products being imported,” Insisted Omallah.

However, the committee insisted the company should have a license from the Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons and board because they deal with medical products.

“Who has authorized you to medically talk about cancer without medical personnel?” posed committee chairperson Sabina Chege.

This was after it was determined that none of the company’s leadership is a trained medic.

“Our worry is not Moses Kuria but we are more concerned of you taking advantage of desperate Kenyans. We want to appeal to Kenyans who have used these products to talk to us,” said Sabina Chege



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