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Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Wangui Ngirici has broken her silence on the county Governor Anne Waiguru joining the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, in a move that was seen as likely to put a dent to her 2022 ambitions.

Ngirici, speaking exclusively to Citizen TV on Tuesday, welcomed Waiguru to the Deputy President William Ruto-affiliated party, however warning that the governor’s defection from Jubilee Party does not change her plans for next year’s polls one bit.

The Woman Representative said she is still very much in the Kirinyaga gubernatorial race, adding that she is confident she will beat Waiguru for the UDA ticket in the nominations stage.

“There are about 10 people who have declared their interest in the gubernatorial race, and I know I will be joined by others in UDA, so I would like to say karibu to UDA to Governor Waiguru, that is where the future is. What she didn’t see, I saw many years ago. I knew what the people wanted,” said Ngirici.

“The governor lost her ground long time ago, immediately after she was elected, so it (her defection) doesn’t change anything. Actually, it just gives me less competition, because after nominations – and I know I will beat her – I’ll go and compete with fewer people.”

Ngirici added that she will not allow herself to be convinced by any agents within UDA to step down from the gubernatorial race in favour of Waiguru, saying she has been loyal to the party for longer than the governor.

On whether Governor Waiguru’s entry into UDA has made her rethink her party of choice ahead of the 2022 contest, Ngirici said she will remain firm hoping that her loyalty to the ‘hustler movement’ pays.

“Waliniambia nikuje Woman Rep? Si nilikuja kwa hiari yangu? So nitaendelea na ile ya ugavana, mtu akitaka nichange, yeye aende achange yake lakini mimi sitabadilisha …naendea ugavana, na nitaenda hadi mwisho,” she stated.

“I am loyal to UDA…I have remained loyal to UDA, even as Waiguru sold the BBI…and I know that loyalty pays.”

Ngirici also spoke out on reports of Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho’s perceived influence in the Kirinyaga gubernatorial race.



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