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Google Arts & Culture recently launched an online exhibition called ‘Maasai: Wisdom of a Community’ that highlights the cultural heritage of the Maasai, a nomadic community living in parts of East Africa.

Curated by the National Museums of Kenya, the online archive features over 430 high-resolution images and 55 exhibits that showcase different aspects of Maasai life, including their language, mythology, jewellery, and rituals.

The exhibition is an immersive experience that offers visitors a chance to learn more about the Maasai through audio-narrated stories and to speak and count in Maa.

During the launch Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Heritage Peninah Malonza stated that the project demonstrates how digital transformation can make Kenya’s culture and heritage accessible to audiences worldwide.She said it would also serve to preserve Kenya’s culture for future generations.

“This online exhibition is an immersive experience into the heritage and wisdom of one of Africa’s most resilient and iconic communities – the Maasai,” she said.

Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director for Google in Eastern Africa, expressed her excitement about the online exhibition and invited visitors to discover more about the Maasai and their way of living.

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