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Gengetone musician Peter Miracle Baby and fiancé Carol Katrue have announced that they are expecting their first baby together.
The two made the announcement on October 10, going out for a photo shoot. At the same time, the announcement of the good news coincided with Carol’s birthday as she turned a year old.

Taking to his Instagram page, Miracle Baby attached a photo and gave it the caption, ‘Kwasai sina maoni jee wewe’?(I have no comments, do you)? This was just but a rhetorical question as the point had already been driven home according to the photo.
Miracle Baby was a member of the Sailors Gang that has since separated and has resorted to doing Mugithi together with his wife. They have two songs under their name already.

Two of the tracks that are doing quite well on YouTube are Wendo wa Mathare and Andu A Wuiru both of which have more than one million views on their channel.

Earlier in the year, the relationship between the two was stuck between a rock and a hard place as Miracle Baby shared a message on his Instagram page asking his fiancé to return home which meant they were not living together at the time.
The musician went ahead and lamented how his wife had been denying him time with his friends and even how she scolds him whenever they are not in agreement.

“Nitaongea ukweli umenikalia saana saaana umenifungia saana ady sipati time na maarif wangu nikidu kitu ya ufala wewe hunikelelesha Kama mtoto,”.

“I will say the truth, you do not give me space and I do not even get time with my friends and you scold me like a kid when I do mistakes,” read part of Miracle Baby’s post on Instagram.

But that seems to have been buried in the past as they wait for their first bundle of joy in the near future.

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