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Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro has narrated how she lost a whooping Kshs 18, 000 to scammers on October 10 while trying to get a play station.
During the morning show at the studio, the explained how she had been looking for a play station, and the only place she could find one was online and thus went for it.

Thankfully she identified a man that was willing to get her one, she bargained and the seller even agreed to have it delivered to her home within at most two hours.
There was a condition for the PS to be delivered though and because she had been looking for it for a long time, she agreed to pay in advance what the seller said was Kshs 18,000 shillings in advance.

“So yesterday we were looking for a play station so of course where do you go? online. It had been a couple of days looking for this PS and so we found one and the guy offered to have it delivered to our house,” elated Kamene exclaimed.

The deal got Kemene overenjoyed as the deliverables were pleasing making it hard for her to bow out of the deal.

“It was such a deal, by the way, the amount of money they were selling the PS I was like wow as there was the PS, two pads, and three games,” she added.

The seller according to Kamene agreed to deliver within a time not exceeding two hours after she sent the deposit.
“They said they were going to deliver within 1 hour and 45 minutes and so they asked for a deposit of Kshs 18,000 and the moment we send the money they assured us that will be delivered within the agreed time,” Kamene said.

Things started going south when the said time approached and passed by and there were no signs of anyone delivering the goods at this time she was forced to call only to be assured that the delivery was on the way.

“One hour, two hours decided to call and were told not to worry as the order was being dispatched as the rider had other goods to deliver,” she added.

The deal got sour when after four hours there was no sign of any delivery getting home and she had to call the guy using her direct line only to be assured that everything was in orde

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